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Yoga @ A-Z


Poor posture, slouching, poor lifting technique, and other behaviours related to the mechanics of the back are some of the reasons why many back ailments are the result. Although yoga is a powerful tool that can help improve the general state of physical and mental well-being, it is also prescribed as a complementary therapy for patients who suffer from back, neck, and joint pain. Both yoga and chiropractic adjustments can help increase the range of motion and improve posture to alleviate this pain. Strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, promoting balance and improving joint strength are some of the ways yoga exercises complements chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care and yoga have several benefits for the body and mind. These include helping to reduce pain, improving flexibility, improving the body’s capacity to heal, strengthening the immune system, and helping to tone muscles, among many other benefits.

Yoga poses can improve the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments by:

  • It encourages and promotes the healing process

  • It improves overall health and wellness

  • The poses strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments to prevent future injury

  • It helps to improve posture and proper alignment

  • It boosts the range of motion and improves flexibility

  • Many yoga techniques can reduce stress levels and prevent excessive muscle tension


Many chiropractors and yoga instructors believe that combining chiropractic care with yoga can provide the best results for their patients. A yoga practice also requires a balance between flexibility and strength, so you want a yoga teacher who has the knowledge of the best yoga stretches to match your healing needs.

Combining these two therapies can be very powerful, so it is important to find a professional chiropractor doctor that combines these two therapies and offers this type of integrative approach to his/her patients. Look for a doctor with an open mind who is willing to learn and explore different methods of treatment. A doctor who is not afraid to try new things and who is willing to take the time to explain and teach you about the benefits and the mechanics of each individual therapy. A doctor like this will have the ability to customize your care to your needs and your goals. This type of doctor will be your partner in your journey to wellness. He or she will be someone you can depend on to be there for you every step of the way.

Pilates @ A-Z

Pilates is incredibly popular with some of our patients, whilst others have never tried it before. To help you understand a little more about what this form of exercise is, here are five of the key benefits:

   1 - Low impact on your joints

Unlike many other kinds of exercise, Pilates causes low impact to your joints whilst carrying out controlled movements which is important. Using a mat for floor exercises also helps relieve pressure off the knees and the back.

   2 - It can improve flexibility

Pilates can improve flexibility with the repeated, slow movements helping to extend your range of motion. Being more flexible will help you feel less tight as well as reduce the risk of injury when undertaking other forms of exercise.

   3 - It can help with back pain

As well as helping you to become more flexible, Pilates can also help increase core strength, including that in the lower back region. This can help reduce pain in this part of the body as well as increase the amount of movement in the area.

   4 - Sports performance boost

Being more flexible can have a positive impact on other sporting activities you may undertake. As Pilates also improves abdominal strength this will also have a positive effect on additional forms of exercise such as running.

   5 - It demands focus

Pilates require concentration. During a session you need to think about your breathing as well as your body and the movements you are making and holding. The focus of attention on these things allows time away from everyday worries or stresses as you concentrate solely on the task in hand.



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