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Spotlight On... Ammani

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Introducing Ammani, our brand new Chiropractor. Find out more about her below.

  • When did your passion for Chiropractic start?

I first discovered Chiropractic when I was 6 years old, whilst watching my mum receive treatment. I couldn’t believe how much it could help people recover from painful conditions, which then inspired me to pursue this as a career.

  • Where did you train?

I graduated from the University of South Wales with a Distinction in a Masters of Chiropractic.

  • What are your future goals?

I can't wait to develop my knowledge and experience and eventually, I plan to specialise in pregnancy and paediatric care

  • What most excites you about joining the A-Z Team?

There are so many things but to name one, it would have to be joining this lovely team.

  • Anything else?

I'm a Burnley girl and have just returned from travelling in the Middle East and South East Asia.

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